DQ® Rally Cap 9U


Recreational baseball for players who will be age 9 in this calender year. 

DQ® Rally Cap 9U is for all nine year old players.  There is also an opportunity for those 7 and 8 year old players to be evaluated to move into this division. 

Most players can stop most ground balls hit at them; can catch most balls when thrown at them; can catch most fly balls when thrown or hit to them; can throw a ball with reasonable accuracy and speed; can hit a baseball when a good pitch is thrown to him at bat; has a basic understanding of baseball (scoring, outs, positions, etc.).  

Pitching machines are used during game play (fed by umpire) and each team provides their own catcher (a player who wears full catching gear).  

Teams in this division will play against themselves, and may decide to compete in a couple tournaments during the baseball season. All regular season games (1-2 games/week) are played at the Highland Park field in Hammonds Plains. (Monday, Wed, Thur and/or Friday)

Practice schedule

Division   Team Friday Saturday Sunday  Time
9U A's     Highland 8:30 -10
9U Athletics     Highland 8:30 -10
9U Blue Jays     Highland 8:30 -10
9U Orioles   Highland   8:30 -10
9U Red Sox   Highland   8:30 -10
9U Rockies   Highland   8:30 -10
9U White Sox   Highland   8:30 -10


The season will generally start the 2nd week of June.

Playoffs will be during the last two weeks of August - with the championship games held the end of the summer - dates to follow

You have to purchase a glove and helmet.  Boys should start to wear a cup.

To report scores please email _____________ and include:

  • Both team names
  • Who won - with final the score
  • What date you played on
  • If a make-up game, original schedule date of game

To download the 2018 DQ® Rally Cap 9U schedule, click below:  COMING SPRING 2018

DQ® Rally Cap 9U.xls        DQ® Rally Cap 9U.pdf

To download the 2018 DQ Rally Cap 9U Rules - click HERE